Laynie in
            shock--The WallNEVЯLAND
Suffer the Children A Terrifying Tale of the End of the World.

This isn't how the Prophets said it would happen.

All the Adults have disappeared.

Children are left on their own.

No Zombies. No recombinant DNA to produce mutant Humanoids. No aliens.
Only Children--unrestrained & running the world their way!

A frightening tale of Childhood's End, of Compassion, and of Cruelty.

In the tradition of Lord of the Flies,
Nineteen Eighty-Four, & Alas, Babylon--

A tale of Love and Terror for the 21st Century

by LMG Swain
Entire Contents Copyright © 2010--2016 by Larry Michael Garmon Swain, Lawton, Oklahoma, All Rights Reserved