This is an experiment: workshopping my latest novel Online for readers and fans. I'm inviting you to watch Story being created--and I want to know what you think, generate ideas about the characters, setting, themes, and be an active participant in the evolution of a story. Feedback is welcomed, encouraged, and expected--even about the typos!

Am I crazy to do this? Of course I am. But, I'm having fun, learning much, seeing Story from a different perspective, and enjoying the community of readers and writers in an organic writing and telling of Story!

There are three ways to get your NEVЯLAND excerpt. Just click on one of the three links below.


Direct pdf download: NEVЯLAND: Part 01--Яapture--Chapters 01-03
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NEVЯLAND on Scribd: NEVЯLAND: NEVЯLAND: Part 01--Яapture--Chapters 01-03
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Chapter 01 Notes: Many thanks to FB Friend Tristan Z for helping spot some of the more aggregious errors! This is why even the best writers have editors and need second and third sets of eyes on a manuscript!

Chapter 02 Notes: Mucho thanks to FB Friends Baron T and Tia V for spotting some typos and asking a good grammar question!



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